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The W4960 crew

Who were the crew members of Lancaster W4960 that was shut down in the night of 11/12th june 1943? Where were they burried initially and where were they put to rest finally?

W4960 Crew
All crew membersA/G F/Sgt. P.J. HoganA/G F/O B.W. BennetB/A F/Sgt. J.H. HorwoodWireless Op. Sgt. R.L. LewisPilot F/Sgt. R.S. ChristieNavigator F/Sgt. J. HeathF/G Sgt. R.S. Kerwin

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Crewmembers Lancaster Mk1. W4960

Pilot F/Sgt. R.S. Christie
Navigator F/Sgt. J. Heath
B/A F/Sgt. J.H. Horwood
W.Op Sgt. R.L. Lewis
F/G. Sgt. R.S. Kerwin
A/G F/O B.W. Bennett
A/G F/Sgt. P.J. Hogan

W4960 Crew

On the photo from left to right Sgt R.L.Lewis (RAF), Sgt.J. Heath (RAAF), Sgt. PJ. Hogan (RAAF)

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460 SQN picture (click on the picture to enlarge)

The picture above was taken somewhere in june 1943. The exact date is not known so it's not sure if the W4960 crew is on it. If you click in the picture a popup window will appear with a high resolution picture. The picture does not fit on most screens. Use the scrollbars to view the whole picture.

11/12 June 1943, target Dusseldorf/Germany take off Binbrook 21.47 hrs. shotdown by nightfighter and crashed 02.05 hrs. at Sluipwijk near the town of Reeuwijk, provence Zuid-Holland, 4km.NNE.of Gouda (north-east of the city of Rotterdam).

Funeral W4960 crew

All were initially laid to rest at Sluipwijk, since 1953 their remains have been taken in to Jonkerbos War Cemetery.

The pictures below were taken at the first Commemoration Day after the war. The Netherlands commemorates on may 4th the brave men and women who sacrified their lives for us so we can live in peace. May 4th was a sunday, for that reason the commemoration was held on may 3rd (1946). May 5th is Liberation Day.


Jonkerbos War Cemetery

Jonkerbos War Cemetery

Jonkerbos War Cemetery is located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Nijmegen is also famous for "Operation Market Garden" and the movie "A bridge too far".

Aurélie Valette laying roses at the headstones.

Aurelie Valette

John Lewis at his father's grave.

John Lewis

Michael and John Lewis at their father's grave.

Michael and John Lewis

Monument at Reeuwijk

Below you see a picture of the monument at Reeuwijk, The Netherlands.

Monument at Reeuwijk
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